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Places : Lincolnshire In The Middle Ages
Posted by Manthorpe Webmaster on 5th Sep 2005 (7592 reads)

Modern road maps show two Manthorpes in Lincolnshire and Menethorpe, a small village south of Malton in Yorkshire. None of these were parishes in the Middle Ages but instead outlying secondary settlements, as the "-thorpe" suffix implies.

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Articles : About The Website
Posted by Manthorpe Webmaster on 27th Jul 2005 (12396 reads)

Note that the current articles here haven't had their proper accreditations, and are probably incomplete: we are in the process of copying published content over from past Manthorpe newsletters, once permission has been granted, so we have only scratched the surface of pending content.

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People : James Manthorpe (1844- )
Posted by Manthorpe Webmaster on 11th Jul 2005 (5463 reads)

James was the eldest son of Richard Manthorp and Anna Gray, and the entry for James Manthorp in Ipswich Gaol Book reveals how an encounter with the law has recorded personal details that will not be found elsewhere.

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Places : The Manthorps Of Somerleyton
Posted by Manthorpe Webmaster on 11th Jul 2005 (16036 reads)

Very few families can trace ancestors in the Middle Ages, apart from those descended from the nobility and gentry. This is an outline of 200 years of Manthorp history up to the middle of the 14th century.

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