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Articles : About The Website
Posted by Manthorpe Webmaster on 27th Jul 2005 (12396 reads) News by the same author

Note that the current articles here haven't had their proper accreditations, and are probably incomplete: we are in the process of copying published content over from past Manthorpe newsletters, once permission has been granted, so we have only scratched the surface of pending content.

Many of the articles were written by numerous contributors, featuring photos, disgrams, maps - but more of all the results of some extensive research.

The site is still "work in progress" and as such we don't want to upload a grat deal of content only to find that it may be lost during any modifications to the site. Hopefully, most changes should be thrashed out over the next few weeks and the site should start to take shape.

Hope it proves useful and interesting!

Other articles
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31st May 2010 - Website Move
8th Oct 2009 - Manthorp(e) Gathering May 2010
27th Dec 2008 - Website Information

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2005/8/2 11:44  Updated: 2005/8/2 11:44
Joined: 2005/6/27
Posts: 16
 Re: About The Website
Over the weekend, there were some issues with the server.

Initially it was starting to go slow: one of the admins noticed the online database was getting hammered, which holds data for many sites - including this forum.

She rebooted the server and found that mail wasn't working correctly, and some things were still struggling to work.

The issue has now been fixed (we hope!) but in the meantime any registrations that took place over the weekend may have been met with a number of confusing failures.

If you have tried to register but are still experiencing issues, please Mail the webmaster for additional help. It could be that your registration is "locked in limbo".


Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/3/25 7:43  Updated: 2006/3/25 7:43
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/3/4
From: London
Posts: 1
 Re: About The Website
I wrote a lenghty comment which simply disappeared when I clicked on Preview.

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