Bourne Manthorpes

Date 5th Sep 2005 | Topic: People

The most extensive information about Lincolnshire Manthorpes relates to three clerics. There is some evidence that two of them belonged to the Bourne family.

Read about the three clerics:

William de Manthorpe
John de Manthorpe
John de Manthorp, vicar of Hayton, Nottinghamshire

These Manthorpes are not related to the Suffolk Manthorp(e)s. None of the Lincolnshire lines appears to have survived the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, as they share the same name, it would be interesting to know more about them, including hearing from any readers who are able to visit Beckingham Church to see whether John de Manthorp's parish chest is still there, or Owmby to see whether William de Manthorpe is listed among the clergy.

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