Manthorpe near Bourne

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Manthorpe near Bourne is the only one of the three settlements called Manthorp(e) to be mentioned in the Domesday Book (Mannetorp). It was mentioned in conjunction with Witham-on-the Hill and Toft-with-Lound.
The first available record of the Manthorpe family from this village comes from the end of the 13th century: Henry, son of Luce de Manthorpe, is mentioned in a Lincolnshire Assize Roll of 1298.

On 25 November 1306, the estate of Robert de Tateshale was divided among the heirs. One such heir - John de Orreby - received as part of his share 66s 8d yearly rent in Toft with the hamlets Co. Lincoln, by the hands of Robert Monk of Wytham, Geoffrey Skymyn and Margery his sister, William Shilling, Gilbert Burgeis, William de Manthorp and Sarah his wife, Robert le Carpenter, Robert son of Richard and Reynold son of Robert, tenants there.

Toft is close to the Bourne Manthorpe.

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