Lincolnshire In The Middle Ages

Date 5th Sep 2005 | Topic: Places

Modern road maps show two Manthorpes in Lincolnshire and Menethorpe, a small village south of Malton in Yorkshire. None of these were parishes in the Middle Ages but instead outlying secondary settlements, as the "-thorpe" suffix implies.
The two Lincolnshire villages near Grantham (1) and Bourne (2) gave their name to a local family in the Middle Ages.

Map of Manthorpe villages in Lincoln

It is not possible to establish a family tree, only a brief chronology of names and dates, although there is no doubt more information is available via Lincolnshire sources.

It will be noted in the source texts that spelling was not standardized, so both "Manthorpe" and "Manthorp" spellings were used interchangeably.

A will of 1067 mentions "Manthorpes", but it is not clear which of the settlements this refers to.

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